5 Self-Care Tips for the Winter Months

The end of winter may still seem miles away, and it’s easy to start feeling a little bit blue. However, there are a number of ways you can counter that “down in the dumps” feeling to not only get you through the winter months but also help you feel great about yourself along the way.

So, put your chin up! The groundhog might have said that there are six more weeks left of winter on February 2nd, but that doesn’t mean we’re not approaching spring! At SV Massage, we not only offer therapeutic massage in Mount Laurel, NJ, and the surrounding areas, but we’d also like to provide you with five self-care tips for the winter months:

1. Go for a walk. It may be chilly outside, but if you can withstand the cold for 15-20 minutes, try taking a short walk. If not, you can always find someplace inside to walk (like the mall, for instance). Staying cooped up inside all day can only put you in a worse mood if you were in a bad one to begin with. Walking is also great exercise!

2. Drink more water. It might be known as a boring, bland, and tasteless drink, but the great thing about water is that the more you drink it, the better you feel and the fonder of it you become. So, drink that H2O, stay hydrated, and elevate your mood.

3. Take a bath. There’s almost nothing more relaxing than taking some time to yourself and soaking in a nice, hot bath. If you really want to relax, light some candles and put on your favorite music. You might want to avoid heavy metal, though.

4. Spend time with loved ones. From work to the gym to your bed. It’s tough spending time with our loved ones in this day and age with our busy schedules and all. However, it’s a fantastic mood-booster to spend more time with your family and friends during the cold and dark winter months. They bring some warmth into your life!

5. Get a massage! What better way to spend your time during the winter than to get a massage? At SV Massage, we offer a wide variety of massage therapy treatments including but not limited to deep tissue massage, corporate chair massage, and Swedish massage in Mount Laurel, NJ, as well as other local areas.

For more self-care tips (or to learn more about receiving a relaxing massage!), contact us at 609-736-2312.

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