5 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress


You deserve to relax. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to calm down amid the whirlwind of work, family, and other responsibilities. Here are a few simple ways that you can relieve stress without adding one more item to your already overwhelming to-do list:


Use Your Creativity


If you spend time drawing a picture, writing a poem, or composing a song, your brain will become fully engaged in the creative process rather than ruminating on negative thoughts. These activities can lower stress and increase positive feelings. The next time you’re stuck in a waiting room or a long line, pull out a pen and start doodling!


Listen to Music


Put together a few great playlists for every mood: slow songs to quiet your mind, upbeat tunes to encourage optimism, fast tempos to help you stay alert on slow days. Calming music can also help you wind down for a full night’s sleep, which is an essential element in reducing stress and anxiety.


Practice Mindfulness


You can practice simple mindfulness techniques anywhere and at any time. Mindfulness seeks to bring your mind fully into the present, without regrets about the past or worries about the future. Breathe deeply and focus on what you can see, hear, touch, and smell. When a stressful thought steals into your mind, gently bring your attention back to your senses.


Watch a Silly Video


Laughter really is the best medicine! A good belly laugh or giggle fit relieves tension, improves immune function, and causes a rush of feel-good endorphins. So turn on your favorite sitcom, check out that cute cat video, or call up a friend who always makes you laugh.


Book a Swedish Massage


Chronic stress can cause your muscles to tense up for long periods of time, leading to headaches, stiff necks, and other discomfort. When you sign up for a traditional Swedish massage near Marlton, NJ, a licensed massage therapist will massage away tension in your muscles and help you fully relax. This soothing technique is proven to significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and boost recipients’ immune cells.


At SV Massage, we make it easy to book a Swedish massage near Cherry Hill, NJ. Just fill out a short message at our online portal or call 609-736-2312!

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