Bring Relaxation to Your Office With a Corporate Chair Massage

Work, by its very nature, can get stressful sometimes. No matter what product or service your business produces, and no matter how much your employees enjoy their jobs overall, there are times when they need to get away from their desks and find a way to relax. You can facilitate this relaxation with a Corporate Chair Massage, available in the Marlton, NJ area courtesy of SV Massage. 

As you can guess from the name, all you need is a massage chair (one that easily fits into most offices) and a massage therapist. The therapist will massage the neck, back, arms, and shoulders, employing stretching and sports massage techniques. Employees remain fully clothed throughout the massage, meaning there’s no need for self-consciousness. 

Big-name companies like Google, Boeing, and Eddie Bauer already use them, and now you too can unlock the benefits at your company. But what are these benefits exactly?

Better Sleep Quality Means Better Employee Performance.

One of the most prominent reasons people struggle to get a good night’s sleep is stress and tension. They’re tired and they know it’s time for sleep, but they just can’t get their mind off the stresses from the day or stop feeling apprehensive about tomorrow. 

An effective way to bring relaxation to the body is with a massage, as it loosens up tense muscles and puts the mind at ease, even sometimes making employees forget they’re at work at all. A well-rested employee is a more productive and alert employee, with greater mental agility for the creativity and innovation your business needs. A good night’s sleep is a far better stimulant and motivator than even the strongest cup of coffee, and a Corporate Chair Massage will help your employees sleep through the night, instead of being dead on their feet during the day.

Healthy Employees are Reliable Employees.

Your business has deadlines to meet, and when an employee calls in sick, it can throw this schedule off-kilter and sometimes even increase the workload for the sick person’s co-workers. Massages have been proven to strengthen the immune system by stimulating lymph flow and releasing toxins from the body. We’re not saying your employees will never get sick again, but they will have stronger immune systems, meaning fewer illnesses and greater reliability.

To bring these benefits into your office, and raise employee well-being and morale, contact SV Massage, the Marlton, NJ area’s home for deep tissue massage and similar services.  

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