Can Massage Therapy Improve Poor Posture?

Poor posture is the number one cause of pain in the neck and back, according to experts. When posture is imperfect, the body is not aligned properly. This forces muscles to work harder than they need to, eventually leading to the muscles in the neck and back weakening. Fortunately, massage therapy can improve posture and help your body get back on the right track.

information about how massage therapy can improve posture

Massage Therapy for Back and Neck Pain Relief

It’s easy to develop poor posture, especially if you have to sit for much of the workday. Poor posture is marked by rounded shoulders, swayback, weak abdominal muscles, and a forward head. Luckily, massage can be a godsend for people who have developed poor posture and the telltale back and neck pain it brings along with it. Massage therapy allows the body to repair the damage inflicted upon it and get back to good quickly. Essentially, massage for poor posture allows the body to reinforce the natural, healthy movements it was made for while loosening and relaxing the muscles that are sore and overused due to poor posture. During massage therapy, you allow your body to adapt to positions that are pain-free and natural.

When undergone regularly, massage therapy for poor posture can loosen and relax the joints, giving them better freedom from pressure points. It also allows the body to adapt a more natural and healthy posture. With improved posture, you experience relaxed, loosened muscles, greater joint freedom, and relief from pressure points.

Deep Tissue Massage for Poor Posture

One of the most popular massage therapies for poor posture is deep tissue or sports massage. This massage therapy involves manual, hands-on soft tissue release, which alleviates tension and stress built up in the soft tissues of the body due to poor posture. The stretching and deep pressure of the massage work to increase circulation of blood to the muscles, which causes an increase in range-of-motion and pain reduction.

Ultimately, deep tissue massage lengths tight muscles and strengthens weak muscles, including the anterior deltoid, teres major, the pectorals, and the latissimus dorsi. Left untreated, these muscles, known as medial rotators, remain a continual source of pain. With effective massage therapy, particularly with deep tissue massage, the therapist can help strengthen opposing muscles that have become weakened due to poor sitting or standing positions.

At SV Massage Therapy, our staff can help you experience the relief that massage therapy has to offer, including reduced pain, deeper and more effective breathing, and even a reduction in the risk of osteoarthritis. Reach out to us to schedule an appointment with our compassionate and knowledgeable therapists now.

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