Can Massages Boost Your Immune System?

Massages have grown in popularity over the years worldwide, and for good reason. Every day, more individuals seek out massages as part of their quest for healthier lifestyles and are experiencing tremendous results from their sessions.

While the benefits of massage therapy are vast, immune function benefits were not always considered a part of the equation until very recently. As we learn more about the impacts of massages, people are realizing that they feel good and provide immune system benefits that can keep you healthy and strong. 

Massages Help Prevent Disease and Illness

Getting a massage can help boost your immune system by helping you fight off diseases and illnesses. Studies show that a regular massage can increase your immune system’s ability to kill off harmful cells while increasing the number of lymphocytes in your body. These cells help fight substances that enter your body, preventing even the weakest illnesses from running amok in your body. 

Massages also help reduce inflammation in your body, which leads to increased blood flow and pain relief. Pain and inflammation lead to stress and overworked parts of the body, resulting in stress and problems with your mental health. This leads to a reduced immune system and a body more susceptible to diseases and other illnesses.

Prevents Stress

Getting massages is a stress reliever that helps boost your healthy lifestyle. Even a short shoulder and neck massage can reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which helps reduce stress and improves your immune system. A consequence of increased cortisol levels is a decrease in your defense cells. Reducing cortisol levels keeps you from stressing too much and maximizes the effectiveness of your immune system.

Improves Mental Health

Mental health is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and ensuring your mental health is up to par can keep your immune system going strong. Your mind is the key to the rest of your body, so if your mental health is down the drain, your immune system is likely to tank with it. 

A great massage therapist can help you rest and relax more efficiently. Studies have also shown that 30 or 45-minute massages every week have led to fewer sleep disturbances and better sleep patterns in children and adults. Even investing in a massage chair or a corporate chair massage has its benefits. A quick 10-minute session can have immediate benefits that continue even after getting out of the chair.

Just One Massage Can Do the Trick

Just one massage can give you immediate relief and health improvements. While research has shown that frequent massage experiences are much better than once in a while, many people report immediate immune responses following massages. It might not be easy to follow the recommended one or two-week time period for massages, but it’s good to get a massage at least once a month. If in doubt, talk to your massage therapist and set up an appropriate schedule that works for you.

An Immune Boosting Massage Is One Call Away

Boosting your immune system is only a phone call away for Mount Laurel, NJ, residents looking for a massage therapist. Contact us today and schedule a massage to get your immune system back to its full potential.

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