What To Do Before and After Your Deep Tissue Massage

As we’ve written in previous blog posts, people in the Marlton, NJ area can benefit from a deep tissue massage at SV Massage. As a brief refresher, we’ll reiterate the fact that deep tissue massages help ease muscle pain and can break up scarring, which, in turn, gives you quicker and more thorough post-workout recovery, increased flexibility, improved posture, and fewer spasms and cramps.  

But we didn’t tell you about how these benefits are only possible if you prepare for your massage properly; nor did we tell you what to do or how you should expect to feel afterward. Now, we will.

Before Your Massage


Don’t eat too much.

In order for a deep tissue massage to do deep into your muscles, the massage therapist must apply intense pressure. This will cause discomfort for you if you’ve consumed a large quantity of food or liquids in the hours leading up to your massage, because your stomach will be full and trying to digest this heavy meal.  You don’t have to fast, but you should definitely avoid stuffing yourself. 

Give yourself time to relax.

If you try to have a deep tissue massage while your muscles are tense, it won’t achieve nearly the same effect as if you are relaxed. Plan on arriving a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time to give yourself time to unwind. 

To help you relax during the massage, we put you in the calming environment of a room that is warm, quiet, and comfortable. As you lie on the table (which is also designed for maximum comfort), you can close your eyes and listen to the soothing tones of the soft background music we play.

After Your Massage


Recover and drink plenty of water.

For your post-massage recovery, it’s essential that you hydrate your body to cleanse yourself of any toxins that were released during the massage. If there is any post-massage inflammation, our massage therapists may suggest applying ice to these areas. 

Enjoy the benefits.

While you may feel some tenderness at first, this will soon be replaced by the positive feeling of diminished aches and tension, as well as an increase in energy. 

If you’re anywhere in the area of Cherry Hill, NJ, and the idea of a deep tissue massage interests you, contact SV Massage. 

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