Having Trouble Sleeping? Try a Massage!

No one can function at their best without the proper amount of sleep. Unfortunately, it’s common for Americans to attempt to go about their days without getting enough sleep. If you’re one of these people, you know firsthand the struggle of staying awake during the day while you complete your assignments at work or run errands, only to lay alert all night.

Instead of suffering from a poor sleep schedule, try South Jersey massage therapy. A massage can help you relax, manage stress, relieve pain, and sleep better at night. Let’s take a closer look at how a massage affects your sleep.

How Massage Therapy Can Help You Fall Asleep

Several studies have shown the positive effects of massage therapy on people’s sleep patterns. Many people receiving regular massage appointments have reported feeling less stress, anxiety, and pain and more restful sleep. How is this possible? Let’s look at the science behind massages.

When a person receives a therapeutic massage, their stress hormone (cortisol) is decreased, and serotonin and dopamine (feel-good hormones) are increased. Their stress is effectively relieved, and they can enter a relaxed state that helps them sleep better.

Massage therapy can also help with pain management. Many individuals struggle to sleep at night because they are in pain. By incorporating regular massages into their treatment plan, they can experience improved sleep quality since their pain is no longer so prominent.

It’s for these reasons that many people fall asleep on the massage table. If it happens to you, don’t feel embarrassed. The professional massage therapist is used to it — just enjoy the few moments of blissful sleep!

Who Can Benefit From a Massage?

Research has found that massage therapy can help the following people achieve better sleep:

  • People of all ages
  • Those suffering from lower back pain
  • People with migraines
  • Individuals suffering from mental health disorders, such as anxiety or depression
  • Infants with dyssomnia
  • Cancer patients
  • People recovering from heart surgery
  • Individuals with restless legs syndrome

Do Massages Help With Sleep Disorders?

If you’re one of the unfortunate souls that struggle with a sleeping disorder, you are likely curious to know if massage therapy can help improve your sleep. The good news is that massage therapy can provide relief for those suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia.

Insomnia is a condition that can last several days or several months. Some people suffer from insomnia with no identifiable cause (primary insomnia), while others develop this disorder in relation to a specific cause or condition (secondary insomnia). Research for treating primary insomnia with massage therapy is limited, but several studies have shown that people with secondary insomnia due to menopause, cancer, caregiving, and congestive heart failure have found relief with a massage.

In addition to insomnia, massage therapy can improve symptoms related to sleep disorders like sleep apnea and narcolepsy. However, it’s important to note that the research on the effects of a massage on these disorders is not as extensive as the research on insomnia. Therefore, you will want to speak with your healthcare provider when deciding if massage therapy is right for you.

Types of Massages to Help You Sleep

If you’re interested in trying massage therapy to achieve better sleep at night, you have plenty of options. The following types of massage can help improve your quality of sleep:

  • Swedish Massage: This is the type of massage you’re likely most familiar with. A Swedish massage relaxes your muscles and improves circulation through kneading, rubbing, and tapping techniques.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: With this type of massage, your therapist will use greater pressure to work the knots out of your muscles. It may be more painful than a Swedish massage, but it is amazing at relieving tension.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: When you have specific points of tension in your muscles, you will want to consider getting a trigger point massage.
  • Sports Massage: If you’re an athlete or work out regularly, you could benefit from a sports massage, which is tailored toward people who go through rigorous training.

When to Schedule a Massage to Help You Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, it may be beneficial to see a massage therapist on a regular basis. Even a short chair massage or neck massage can relieve your anxiety, stress, and pain and help you sleep better at night.

For a natural and noninvasive way to improve your sleep, contact us today. We’ll help you find the best type of massage to address your concerns and help you relax before bed.

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