How a Massage Could Relieve Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common problem — so common, in fact, that a staggering 85% of Americans will experience lower back pain during their lives. This widespread chronic issue has no shortage of treatment options. But how do you find one that will really work? If you’re seeking scientifically supported treatment for lower back pain, massage therapy could provide the pain relief you’re looking for.  Lower back pain massage therapy has been found to be an effective way to treat multiple kinds of lower back pain. 

The positive effects of lower back pain massage therapy have been analyzed in multiple scientific studies by the Pain Medicine Journal, the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. All of these studies provide confirmation that massage therapy can be a great short-term solution to relieve pain in the lower back.

(Note: The following benefits are not meant to serve as medical advice. If you’re concerned about your lower back pain worsening with a massage, consult a medical professional before visiting a massage therapist.)

There are many different types of massage therapy available, from deep tissue massage (focused on relieving muscle tension through deep pressure) to the more common Swedish massage (which involves the stereotypical rubbing, kneading, and rolling you might picture upon hearing the word). There are also specialized massage techniques such as sports massage and trigger point massage. No matter which option best suits you, most studies agree that all forms of lower back massage can provide similar benefits.

Some of the reasons to try lower back pain massage therapy include:

Relieves Muscle Tension

Whether you work at a desk all day or you never get a chance to sit down, your muscles tense up and become sore due to overuse and repeated strain. Some muscle pain might be caused by a specific injury sustained in sports or by overdoing it at the gym. Other tension might be caused by poor posture or a sprain from a slip or fall. Regardless of what makes your lower back muscles stiff, it can cause significant discomfort. Stretching out your stiff muscles can be painful. A therapeutic massage relieves the tension in your muscles, helping you relax places you didn’t even know were painfully tense.

Improves Circulation

One of the best reasons to take advantage of lower back pain massage therapy is that it improves blood circulation throughout your body. Good blood circulation is important because increased blood flow promotes optimal health all over your body and sends more oxygen to your brain. 

Your back contains some of the major muscles in your body, but it’s hard to know if they’re suffering from poor blood flow when you can’t reach your back yourself! That’s where a massage therapist can help. Pressure on your lower back stimulates blood flow to your muscles, helping with everything from heart health to lung function.

Increases Endorphins

The relief and special attention provided by a lower back massage send endorphins throughout your body, helping you feel relaxed and at ease. Our bodies naturally respond positively to physical touch from others, so you also receive endorphins from the feeling of professional and comforting hands smoothing away your pain. Studies have indicated that a half-hour massage session can boost endorphins for up to 48 hours!

Helps Promote Recovery

If you’re suffering from lower back pain, regular massage sessions can help this pain heal faster. This is because when your lower back muscles suddenly start to ache, it’s likely due to micro-tears in the muscle tissue that occur due to repetitive use. These tears are impossible to prevent and happen to everyone, but they can be a real pain (pun intended) when they prevent you from living your everyday life.

Luckily, some relief can be gained through lower back pain massage therapy. The three other perks of lower back massage listed above — muscle tension relief, improved circulation, and increased endorphins — can all promote faster healing of these tears. With the help of massage therapy, you may be able to get back to the gym, onto the court, or into the office sooner rather than later.

Supplements Other Treatments

The final reason to consider lower back pain massage therapy is as a supplemental part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. Sometimes, lower back pain is severe enough that you need to get in touch with medical professionals to ensure it is coming from the muscles rather than the spine. Suppose X-rays reveal your spine is in good health, but you still suffer from lower back pain. In that case, your doctor’s treatment plan for you might include treatment options such as pain relief medication (NSAIDs), temperature therapy (application of hot or cold packs to the affected area), or regular sessions with physical therapists. 

In some cases, physical therapy might already include massage therapy. However, sometimes massage therapy can be used as a supplemental treatment on top of all the other lower back pain solutions already listed. If you have severe lower back pain and this sounds like an appealing option for you, discuss the possibility with your physician and ask about the types of massage they recommend for your specific situation. Especially in the case of conditions such as pinched nerves, it’s important to heed medical advice when choosing which type of massage might relieve your lower back pain.

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