How Often Should I Get a Massage?

This is a great question that we hear fairly often, and honestly, the answer is — it depends! How frequently you should get a massage heavily relies on a variety of factors, including your pain, stress levels, and of course, your budget. As the leading provider of deep tissue massages near Cherry Hill, NJ, SV Massage understands that receiving massages regularly will have the most benefit, although that frequency just may not be realistic for every person.

Keep in mind, just as going on a short jog on the treadmill doesn’t automatically get your body ready to run a marathon, and one salad doesn’t lead to all of your health and nutrition goals, one massage session won’t undo years of damage. With that said, let’s jump into a breakdown of how often you might need a massage by posing the question, “what do you need?”

Pain Management

If you’re using massages for pain management or other medical issues that cause you discomfort, it may behoove you to receive treatment more frequently. In most cases, after an injury, your therapist might recommend getting a massage once or twice a week throughout your recovery.

If you’ve got a chronic health condition, once a week or even bi-weekly is typically recommended — although it’s all contingent on how your body is feeling. If you notice that pain returns after just a few days, it’s time to see your massage therapist again. For managing pain, you may find that you need more frequent sessions in the beginning. As the muscles relax and the healing begins, sessions can become more and more spread out.

Stress Relief

This is just as important to your overall health as diet and exercise, as stress can undo hard work you’re putting in the gym or by eating right. Massages can reduce tension, lower high blood pressure, and reduce cortisol levels in your body. Once a month can be beneficial in eliminating the adverse effects of stress on your mind and body.

Athletic Performance

If you’re training for a marathon or other event, you might want to schedule massages more often than usual. Weekly or bi-weekly massages can help you achieve proper form and promote fast recovery after the event or competition. However, the frequency that’s right for you is entirely dependent on your level of training and event schedule. Although, even when you aren’t training, regular massages can help you maintain your range of motion and muscle flexibility.

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