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For Health and Wellness
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Where therapeutic massage is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
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At SV Massage Therapy, it’s all about you receiving a customized therapeutic massage. Every body is different; therefore, I’ll create a massage treatment personalized just for your needs and goals. I am passionate about helping others and I want to help you feel your best. I am attentive and my focus is simple; to improve your health and wellness. 

I believe that massage therapy is an integral part of maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle. With its many benefits, massage can improve your health through its impact on the mind, body, and your social well-being. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative. Through preventative care and maintenance, massage will help your body maintain an optimal level, giving you a better quality of life. Make massage therapy a valuable part of your commitment to self-care!

~Sharon Villa, LMT

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our minds strong and clear.”




Don’t Wait Until Pain Strikes to Think About Your Health

Massage is a sought-after form of relaxation and is often seen as more of a luxury. But massage therapy and bodywork is more than that. It can be used as a powerful tool for preventative care and maintenance. It is very beneficial even if you don’t have any major complaints of pain. It can prevent many health issues, as well as improve them.

A therapeutic massage is like an oil change for the body. Just like a car needs an oil change for maintenance, regular massages help to improve the performance of the body. Most of us take our muscles completely for granted. We don’t think about how important it is to take care of them. Without our muscles, we can’t function. Muscles do all the work. Muscles are the “engine” that our body uses to move itself. Muscle dysfunction causes us physical, mental and emotional pain.

For example, regular massages can ease the aching back and stiff neck that so often come from sitting at a desk all day. Relieving these smaller pains then prevents worse issues, such as a decreased range of motion, strained muscles, and tension headaches. Even though exercise is important for our health, active people who exercise on a regular bases are constantly “beating” their muscles up. Muscles become inflamed, tight and sore. Regular massage and bodywork helps in taking care of our muscles by keeping them healthy. It helps with the healing and recovery process. Massage therapy prevents the muscles from becoming compacted and compressed and injury from extremely tight and over used muscles. These are just some reasons why it’s important to use massage therapy for maintenance.

For athletes, it has been proven that massage improves strength and performance, prevents injury, improves flexibility and mobility, reduces pain, promotes faster healing, and shortens recovery time. By having regular massages, athletes can keep their muscles healthy. 

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