6 Cozy Habits to Help You Embrace a “Hygge” Lifestyle This Autumn!

“Hygge” is a tough word to translate. This Danish phrase describes comforting, cozy, and pleasurable experiences, but it also captures the feeling of living in the moment with people you care about. Denmark’s hygge-loving culture may be one reason why they’re among the happiest countries in the world, and the fall is the perfect time to introduce a little hygge into your life!


Warm Up with a Hot Drink


A cup of coffee or hot cocoa will warm you up from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Sip a drink to stay nice and toasty as you go about your day, or take a few minutes to unwind in a charming cafe on your lunch break.


Make Your Home Ultra-Comfy


To feel cozy and secure this autumn, take the time to make your home the perfect sanctuary. Fill it up with fluffy pillows, soft throws, fuzzy blankets, and scented candles. Also, if your home has a fireplace, remember to warm up by it once in a while.


Curl Up with a Good Book


Whether you prefer Mark Twain, mystery novels, or the latest issue of Vogue, burrow under a few blankets and enjoy a peaceful hour of reading. This is also the perfect time to enjoy a quiet moment with a loved one or invite your dog onto the couch (just this once!) to cuddle.


Savor Your Meals


A little indulgence is very hygge! So cook up a big batch of hot soup, have an extra glass of wine at dinner, and enjoy a slice of apple pie. Don’t just gobble it all down, though. Take the time to savor each decadent bite.


Play a Board Game with Your Friends


Turn off the TV, leave your phone to charge, and gather your three closest friends for a board game. When you play a board game, you can connect face-to-face with the people you care about. Just be careful which game you pick…a few may lead to more fights than good feelings.


Indulge In a 60-Minute Massage


Massage therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ, or wherever you live, is one of the best ways to invest in your comfort. As the massage therapist gently eases away your aches and pains, you will feel fully in the moment and completely taken care of.


At SV Massage, we want you to feel warm, cozy, and relaxed this fall! To learn more about our soothing massage therapy near Marlton, NJ, give us a call today.

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